RTH Seasonal Work Agreement
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I hereby acknowledge that I am working for Rock The House (RTH Group) in a seasonal capacity.  Due to the nature of my availability, I commit to entering no less than 4 weeks of time off requests to signify when the end of my availability concludes. I will have this completed within 7 days of the below-dated Signature.  

I understand that failure to enter this information may cause me to be scheduled on dates after my anticipated departure.  In such incidents where I have been staffed due to my time off request not being listed in the system, I will make the needed arrangements to return to Cleveland and work my event at my standard rate.

RTH Group agrees, that any events I am scheduled for, while away and after my entered departure date, will be discussed and I am able to decline the event via email to your supervisor  Should I accept the event, I will receive an Out of Town pay rate, regardless of the event location.

*RTH Group will begin freely scheduling the employee as needed 7 days after the below signature, or once the employee notifies HR@rthgroup.com that their departure time off request block has been accurately entered into RTHlive.com (whichever comes first).
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